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When a child enter our premises first we gauge the level of knowledge. Once we parameterise the level of their understanding , ADDSTEM provides tailored learning map to every new student depending on their present level of understanding. We focus on the foundation of a child. Our prime objective is to implant firm foundation in every child. One focused direction for two consecutive year. We provide tailored LRM (LEARNING ROAD MAP) to a child. LRM helps children to navigate in their learning journey. If we don’t have any map we end up leading no where. Once child is equipped with firm foundation . Now ADDSTEM open next door. Door of exploration. children are now exposed to different new dynamic of world. In this stage it totally depends on mentor & learners opinion together what road map should we together design for next 1 year. Thus ADDSTEM say we require consecutive three yrs for the complete transformation of your child.

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 Unique Designed Process That Transform CHILD TO A RESEARCHER

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1}  MINDFULNESS —— WE have heard thousand of times our parents and teachers suggested us to “ HMM…. DHYAN SE PADHO” “ Read carefully”. But no one have ever guided us Dhyan se kese padho. Can anyone tell me Dhyan se Sadhna kese h ? Here comes our mindfulness approach for reading . We have been practiced for random reading which railed us to impurity & scarcity of knowledge. Damn 20 yrs of rigorous effort in education make us stands no where. Mindfulness is the practice of giving signal to brain through certain effective activities. This practice helps in retention of knowledge.
2}  LEARNING PROCESS —— IN our entire academics we practice memorisation . In the journey we have forgotten the thick line between memorisation and learning. Even if we are asked to learn some concept we memorise it and reflect our memory retention, when so asked. RATTAFICATION practice leads to rotten state of mind. Here add stem approach for LEARN TO LEARN “Seekhna seekh jaw” Learn to Learn is a long practice where you understand the chronology between brain, retention, processing, execution, innovation . Once we understand learn to learn NEXT ? What to learn NEXT ? Why to learn HOW, WHAT ,WHEN , WHY is called drilling down method. Drilling down method amid learning journey leads to clarity. So this stage is also known as confusion to clarity stage.
Once children are instilled with mindfulness and learning process they cling to the third steps of ladder Called RBL.
3}  RBL(RESEARCH BASED LEARNING)—— RBL is the most important step. In RBL child learn naturally and with zero effort. And in the journey they discover the different dynamics of their particular chosen domain. This is divided into three subordinates — CONFUSION TO CLARITY —- CLARITY TO IMAGINATION —— IMAGINATION TO INNOVATION During learning journey we constantly revolves in a wheel of Learn Think Imagine Innovate. AddTEM Guarantee 360 degree development as its students are rare combination of Mindfulness and RBL. OUR unique design is just a combination of three dots . —— Mindfulness . ---- Learn to learn. —— RBL. This proves to be a milestone in your child learning journey.
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Successful businessman & scientist views On Education

''Indian education framework needs to change completely..''

abdul kalam

''The school system is teaching you to be poor.''

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robert kiyosaki 

''My biggest disappointment is the India's education system, it needs to be better than it is today..''

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bill gates

''Don't confuse schooling with education. I didn't go to Harvard but the people that work for me did.''

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elon musk

''Our education system is designed by britisher where obedience is greater than intelligence. Except the language everything in education system needs to be changed..''

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''Every KID is a genius but if you judge a FISH by its ability to CLIMB a tree, he will live its life BELIEVING that he is stupid.''

albert einstein